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The best American online casinos of 2018 … play and win!

“Les jeux sont faits”! How many times, friends, have you heard this expression in your life? It entered the common language, is an expression used by the croupier in roulette to tell the players the moment after which it is no longer possible to place the chips on the table. Impossible not to connect this well-known way of saying to the casino world … why not, even the virtual one, which we will talk about later.

Our bitcoin casino guided  test, analyze, study and finally review all online gaming operators, from the new ones to the most famous, as well as the best bookies, so as to select the best online casinos and guide the player, from the expert to the novice. Above you can check if the operator has the AAMS license necessary to operate in Europe in a legal manner, but also to find out the type of welcome bonus, the software used, the promotions, the accepted payment methods and all that you need to know to start playing or betting in complete safety and peace of mind, including how to contact customer service (sometimes it can serve!). Also, very important, we will tell you in which sites you can play at online casinos, and under what conditions. Based on these factors, these are the ones we consider the best American online casinos!

What is bitcoin casino?

As we know there are casinos and virtual casinos. In any case it is a place (physical or online, in fact) that houses a certain selection of types of games, whether open to the public or restricted to a group of private partners. Usually casinos are located in other leisure facilities, entertainment and in any case related to the hospitality industry, such as hotels, cruise ships, shopping centers and other types of attractions. The etymological origin of the word casino is probably linked to the noble country houses, as a synonym, now in disuse, of “circle”, or place of entertainment and entertainment. Once for nobles, but today, open to all the patrons and the curious.

Casino games and the odds of bitcoin winning

The variety of games available in the best online casinos, with regular AAMS license numbers, is very similar to that of real casinos. What follows is a short list that includes the most popular and popular games, as well as the related chances of winning. Here are some:

Top Casinos list


First Deposit Bonus 50% up to $30

How can we not be satisfied with the abundance of bonuses offered by Snai


100% up to €200

The payment methods for which we do not specify the fees do not have any commission


up to €1000

Withdrawals on LeoVegas can be requested by bank transfer, Skrill and PayPal

Roulette: the even number (corresponding to red) or the odd number (combined with black), will always have a 47% chance of … winning or losing.

Blackjack: the chance of winning comes to 40% … depending on the casino.

Slots: the earning possibilities are reduced on average to 20%, depending on the type of casino or slot machine: there are in fact many and constantly updated, often combined with movies, sports, songs of musical groups (you just have to find out !). As you can see, there are a wide range of games available, thanks to which entertainment is guaranteed, as well as the possibility of prizes and the chances of winning.

Baccarat: similar to blackjack.

Tips for earning in online btc casino games

In gambling there are certainly no strategies that can guarantee success … it is simply a matter of luck. But let’s try to see some tips and advice that can give us more chances to win:

Playing for fun: it’s the main motivation. The casino can hardly guarantee big winnings in the long run, unless big investments are made. The final jackpot, which could reward them, tends to be very difficult to obtain. The casino games are rather designed for leisure and, if we are lucky, we can cover costs and maybe earn a little.

Playing responsible with the choice of a maximum budget and selecting online gaming operators with a regular AAMS license, maybe paying attention to the various welcome bonuses and promotions, each with their own conditions, advantages and disadvantages.

Select the best bonus: our further advice is to check if they are offered, for example, test rides, to understand if the game chosen is the right one for us, especially for activities such as slots. All the best casinos offer welcome bonuses that allow players to become familiar with the various games and have fun without risking their money.

The history of the casino

The game as a form of entertainment is as old as man himself, starting from the history of the Sumerians up to classical Greece, passing through the French Revolution, the China of the emperors or the first dollarpean casino and the Las Vegas of the era, in which a casino was created by the Grand Council of the American city-state in 1638 to control the game and the bets that took place during the famous Carnival (later it was closed, in 1770, by the authorities, given the risk of impoverishment of the local nobility). The fame of casino games will continue in other dollarpean courts, especially the French, bringing them to great success in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Poker games like poker have experienced a phase of growth and expansion in the United States within the legendary “saloon” during the conquest of the West, at the time of the “gold fever”. So cities like New Orleans, St. Louis, Chicago and San Francisco hosted the first big casinos, in an expansion that would later touch Atlantic City.

Best Internet Casinos

Since the 70s casinos have opened up to the computer world. Starting with the Blackjack software, the software has started to replace mechanical work. Since the 90s then, with the advent of the Internet, it has slowly begun to spread the electronic game. With the arrival of new laws and regulations related to gaming, licenses were granted to new operators, and the first software developers for online casino games were born. This is the case of Microgaming (in 1994), a pioneer in the development of online software. Later, other companies such as Cryptologic dealt, at the software level, with money transactions during gambling and online betting. From this background the first online casino was born in 1996: Intercasino.

Today, we are witnessing a process of continuous expansion and growth: there are, in all, over 2300 online casinos.

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