Make Moving Less Stressful with these Helpful Tricks

Just about everyone hates to move because of how many details and chores are associated with it. Even if you are excited about relocating to another area you still have to deal with moving your belongings from one location to another. Seasoned movers know a few tricks that can make it easier to move, so I this is your first move you may want to read up. By trying out a few of these tricks for yourself you can save yourself some time and some stress so that you can actually enjoy the prospect of a new home.

Skip Cardboard Boxes

When just about anyone thinks about moving the first thing they think about is picking up or ordering a large array of cardboard boxes. However, it may be more useful to choose a moving company that offers storage containers instead. Bubble wrap and packing tape can get real old in just a few minutes, but if you use sturdy boxes that have lids provided by a moving company you will find packing and unpacking to go a lot faster. Additionally, it’s a green choice so you can actually feel good about the environment.

Pack on a Schedule

Most people know when they are going to move for months ahead of time, therefore, there is no reason to wait until a week or two before the move to start packing. While you can’t pack the necessities ahead of time since you are still using them, you can start packing non-essentials day by day leading up to the move. Create a schedule and give yourself a number of boxes to fill each day leading up to the big move. This way you won’t end up in a panic on moving day weekend feeling like you will never get all of your home boxed. It will also help prevent you from packing burnout that may delay you from unpacking your home in a timely fashion.

Skip the Closet

These days you don’t have to worry about packing up our closet because you can use wardrobe boxes the day you move instead. Just remember to ask your Movers Madison WIto get you these special boxes for each closet in your home. This way instead of stuffing your wardrobe into one box you can just pace them into the wardrobe closets. Not only does this save you from having to wash and iron all of your clothes after unpacking, but it allows you to have full access to your closet the day of the move. You simply just move them into the wardrobe box and then unpack them once they arrive.

Pre-Move the Basics

Unless you are relocating across the country you will probably be at your new home prior to your official move. Therefore, take advantage of these visits and take basic supplies to the new home a few days before moving in such as toothbrushes, a few sets of pajamas, and a few changes of clothes for each family member. This will help make things more normal and help you out if you can’t get unpacked right away.